Fall Vegetables

Going from our tiny yard in government housing in Okinawa to our big yard here in San Antonio, we’ve been excited to do yard-y things. We got our compost set up pretty quickly after moving in, but it’s taken us a little longer to get our vegetable garden ready. This weekend, though, we finally accumulated all of the various components . And luckily, our gardening zone allows for a fall planting. So we got our fall vegetables started, and hopefully we can keep them alive for a harvest! Stay tuned for our next backyard project- chickens! Hopefully we can keep those alive, too. But I get ahead of myself….

Step 1- mixing the soil (Actually step 1 was Elliot building the planter boxes. Isla and Asher didn’t help with that step, though,  so technically it doesn’t count for this blog, I guess.)

Step 2- moving the soil into the boxes

Step 3- cooling off by the pool

Step 4- planting the baby vegetables

Now that we’ve gotten this far with the garden, I can tell you the 2 hardest parts. First, buying the vegetables, because we took Isla and Asher along with us. And just like any time we take them to large stores (really any stores) with lots of items (really any items), they lose their minds and act accordingly insane. Second, getting the gardening gloves onto their hands. Does anybody in the whole world know how to put gloves onto small children without breaking a sweat and muttering profanities? I need to know. Halloween is just around the corner. 


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