New Chicks on the Block

We drove out to a little family farm this weekend to pick up 3 little chickies, all 5 weeks old. I didn’t get many pictures at the farm, as we were all caught up in the moment. (How dare we?) But we’ve snapped a few since getting them home.

After much discussion, Asher and Isla settled on names for the girls- Leia, Ruby and Tess. Isla is a natural with them- holds them gently, talks to them, feeds them from her hand, doesn’t freak out (like I did) when they poop on her. Asher is curious about them, but mostly from a distance. 

I took them out in the yard today while I worked in the garden and they were quite amusing. They stuck together, stayed close to me, pecked all through the grass, soil, veggie trimmings. Daphne has seen them and sniffed them, but we haven’t let her loose around them just yet. She so far seems unimpressed (which is good!), but she routinely chases from the yard squirrels, lizards and birds of any kind. So we’ll take precautions. The chicken coop is just about built, so for now, a plastic storage bin is home for these babies. Who knows, maybe by spring we’ll get some eggs! 


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