The Chicken Whisperer

Ok. We are 5 days into chicken raising. We’ve got their coop built and hopefully protected from any possible predators. We’ve got feeding and watering them down. We can tell them apart from each other. We’ve kept them (mostly) clean in their brooder (ie, plastic storage container) while we await them becoming old enough to start living in the backyard. We’re doing pretty good so far. Isla, though. That child has a gift. She loves these chicks and she has taken on the role of mother hen. She can catch 2 at a time (I can barely catch 1, with treats in my hand). She can spend every minute from the end of the school day until bedtime herding them around the backyard, “training them.” Asher mostly just watches and pets them, not super interested in holding them, but I still have a feeling these backyard chickens are going to be a great addition to our clan. 

PS- In some of these pictures, it was mix match day at school, possibly Isla’s favorite theme ever.


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