Weeds to Some, Magic to Others

While biking home from school today, we came across a field of wild flowers that Isla and Asher couldn’t resist. Naturally, we stopped! Honestly, anytime these kids want to stop to pick flowers, I’ll try to accommodate them.

It’s not just about the flowers, which of course I love. It’s also about our connection to nature, which seems ever more tenuous in modern culture. Isla was actually crying when Asher and I arrived for pick-up at the end of school. Her school hosted a bike rodeo today and just before the end of the school day, the winners were announced over the intercom. Isla’s teacher thought Isla’s name was announced, only mispronounced. Her teacher made a big to-do, called the front office, got the kids (namely, Isla) all excited… only to find out, no, Isla was not a winner. All this after she mustered every bit of courage to participate in the rodeo in the first place. She never expected to win, but that spark of possibility resulted in a deep pit of disappointment. And she was crying at school for the first time. 

These wild flowers are all over the place right now. As the 3 of us were putting on our helmets and getting ready for the bike ride home, Asher saw a couple flowers nearby, picked 2, and gave them to sniffling Isla. We started our ride, and that’s when we came across the big field full of them. Isla’s tears dried right up as she began chasing Asher and picking flowers. Through her beaming smiles, she told me she was still sad, but the flowers were just so beautiful. And that’s why I’ll try my best to stop for flower-picking anytime these kids feel compelled.


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