Posted in November 2015

A Christmas Tree First

Today we drove about 30 minutes outside the city to a christmas tree farm where you pick out and cut down your own tree. We’ve never done this before, and overall, it was a neat experience. We didn’t account for the mud, nor did we account for what types of trees would be growing in … Continue reading

Thanksgiving holiday with family

Over the past week and a half, we got to celebrate birthdays (my mom and Elliot’s dad), party at the elementary school, play tourists, watch movies, eat at lots of restaurants and give thanks with our first visitors in San Antonio. Life is good!                                                    

Halloween Weekend (image-heavy post)

What a great weekend!!! We started Saturday morning with a family 5k. Before the 5k, the kids got to do a trick-or-trot where they ran (well, ran-walked) a 1k loop with candy stations. Then they hopped in the stroller and chowed down on their candy while Elliot and I jogged the 5k. The race raised … Continue reading