Good Times, Big Chickens, and Some Artwork

Since Thanksgiving, we’ve just been chugging along with our daily lives. I can’t say anything extraordinary has happened, but then I scroll through my photos and realize we’ve had a good time. A visit with Santa, an evening trip to Fiesta Texas to see the holiday decorations (we skipped the water ride!), some backyard shenanigans. I even broke down this weekend and led Isla and Asher through a little art project. During Elliot’s deployment, I had given up planned art projects, opting instead to provide materials and let the kids create in their own ways and on their own time. That’s still the leading philosophy of this house, but maybe just once in awhile, I will get involved. But back to the photos, look at how big the chickens have gotten! I wonder if we’ll get any eggs any time soon??? 


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