Isla’s Fun Run

I’ve neglected the blog for far too long! I have quite a few entries to log from the past 6 weeks or so, and I will randomly start with Isla’s Fun Run.

Instead of selling wrapping paper or candy or cookies, Isla’s school hosted a fun run for their annual fundraiser. The kids asked people to sponsor them, then they ran laps to earn their donations. Typical Isla, she didn’t tell me much and I couldn’t tell if she really even understood the concept. Still we prepped her for the day as best we could, then hoped for the best.

The weather was perfect. The music was pumping. The kids were ready. Isla then proceeded to run nearly 2.5 miles without stopping! I think she would’ve kept going, too, had time not been called. Not every child there loved the experience, but Isla had a great time. And watching her, my mom and I had a great time, too. 


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