Winter Break

We decided months ago to stay home for the holidays. Let’s just say it’s taken awhile to recover from last summer’s international move. And we really love our home here in Texas. Lucky for us, we have relatives willing to travel many, many miles to visit us. So we got to spend our winter break at home with Gramma and Poppy. 

We filled our days with gift exchanges, art-making, fudge-eating, bicycle-riding, and toy-playing. We cooked our favorite meals. We took Gramma and Poppy to Fiesta Texas. 

Isla set a new record for wake-up time on Christmas morning- 2:00 a.m.!!! She told us that she woke up to use the bathroom, but thought she heard something downstairs. So she walked down to investigate and lo and behold, Santa had visited! She came barreling back up the stairs, screaming- Santa came! Santa came! Wake up! Wake up! Elliot and I woke up, managed to quiet her enough to let everyone else keep sleeping, then we let her play with her toys from Santa for about an hour. She went back to bed at that point, and we recommenced Christmas morning at the more reasonable hour of 6 a.m. Here’s hoping Christmas morning doesn’t start even earlier next year!


2 thoughts on “Winter Break

  1. I just checked your blog and saw I missed a post! I love that Isla got up at 2am! HAHAAHA. That’s so Isla. Miss you all!

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