San Diego in January

Back in January, we got an opportunity too good to pass up. Elliot was scheduled for a work conference in San Diego, and he invited us to join him! Normally, work conferences and this family don’t jive so well, but come on! San Diego! We decided to go for a few days before the conference. That way, Elliot could hang out with us and that pesky work-related business wouldn’t be an issue. We even pulled Isla out of her state-mandated-attendance kindergarten for a couple of the days. Rules are made to be, ummm, broken… right?

Our days in San Diego were pretty much perfection. We stayed at one of our all time favorite locations- the Navy Lodge on Coronado. We got to see a few of our all time favorite people. We re-visited some of our all time favorite stomping grounds. Elliot and I went out for a date at one of our all time favorite restaurants. We crashed places of work. We celebrated my birthday. We went roller-skating. We shopped at the awesome exchange. We ate real fish tacos. I even got to go out for a ladies night. I mean, really, what more could I ask from the city I love so much? How about perfect weather, perfect walks on the beach, and an early blooming cycle of the trees and flowers. Yep, got all of that and more. My only regret, if that’s even fair to have regrets about a magical little vacation, is that we couldn’t stay longer and visit more people. I know we’ll go back again, though, some day. 

Isla and Asher have become quite the professional travelers


That office, that desk chair where Isla and Asher are sitting? All belong to Tim’s boss.



We didn’t miss a beat with our buddies!





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