Way back in February, the Rodeo came to town. We move around often and 1 thing that I believe really helps us handle so much transition is our commitment to truly try our best to experience the goings-on of wherever we are. In San Diego, that meant eating fish tacos, wearing Toms, saying “the” before all of the major highway names (the 5, the 805… still working on breaking that habit). In Japan, that meant bowing often, removing shoes often, tasting food oddities, driving on the left, etc. In San Antonio, that means that when the Rodeo came to town, this family couldn’t miss it.

Not counting Rodeo dress-up day at school, for which we were woefully unprepared, our first Rodeo event was a parade downtown. We loaded up Isla and Asher, drove downtown and staked out our spot along the parade route just in time. First up in the parade- what seemed like hundreds of male, female, young and old longhorns barreling down the road, kept in line by handfuls of cowboys on horseback. I couldn’t help but think what if they broke off the parade route and came straight for us?! Luckily, that didn’t happen. Seriously, though, nothing says Texas like longhorns and cowboys, right? After such a strong start, the remainder of the parade did not disappoint. 

Another Rodeo event consisted of visiting the Rodeo fairgrounds, complete with piglet racing, carnival rides, biggest petting zoo ever, barrel racing, livestock viewing, you name anything you might associate with a rodeo, it was there.

Lastly, sans children, we went on a date night with friends to one of the evening shows. It was everything I hoped it would be and then some. By then some, I’m referring specifically to mutton-busting. Please look that up on the Internet, you won’t believe your eyes. I haven’t laughed so hard in years. I’m not exaggerating.

Anyway, as they say here in Texas, Rodeo On!

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