Summer, summarized

Holy moly, the backlog may be at its all-time worst, but here I am!

Before the summer started, not-yet-blogged big events for us included Isla’s 6th birthday, graduation from kindergarten and the conclusion of Asher’s first soccer season. Today, I’ll summarize our summer, then I’ll get back to those. Sounds like a plan!

Summer…. Isla competed on a swim team (qualified for the district meet, despite a characteristic rough start!). We spent an epic 2 weeks on extended family beach vacations. We watched a ton of movies. We ate a ton of ice cream. 

Both kids learned to ride their bikes (thank you, Asher, for getting the ball rolling on that milestone). Neither kid learned how to tie shoelaces. 

Isla and Asher played, but got in plenty of fights, too. They stayed up late, but for the first time ever, occasionally slept-in past 7:30am! 

Isla lost her first two teeth, and got her ears pierced. Asher started dreaming. Well, remembering his dreams, anyway.

Our summer was perfect- laid back, under-planned, mellow. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

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