Meanwhile, back in April, Isla turned 6!

Isla had lots of ideas for her birthday this year. I know the day will come, too soon I’m sure, when Isla and Asher may not want a party or to make a fuss. Actually, Asher has his birthday parties for the next several years already planned out, so… But anyway, I’m on board, for as long as it lasts and as well as I can, to bring these ideas to life. 

Isla asked for an art party, but not at the art studio just up the road with the easy-peasy party package where you basically show up with a cake and your friends. I suppose that’s too straightforward and logical for the Ross Family. Isla wanted an art party, in our backyard. Oh, and fairies. Fairies in all ways needed to be a highlight of this party. So, naturally, we had a backyard fairy garden art party. 

I’m not sure how a bounce house fits into a backyard fairy garden art party theme (I’m going to say that as many times as I can in this post, just to drive it home), but we got one. And now I’m pretty sure that any future party in our backyard will involve a bounce house. That thing was so fun. For the kids, I mean. We also had our pool clean and ready for any brave souls who might want to venture into the not-yet-in-the-80s water. (Many of the kids, as it turned out!) And under a big tree, we set up little art stations to make fairy wands, fairy doors and fairy crowns.

So there you have it, our backyard garden fairy art party. Truthfully, I loved seeing Isla’s ideas come to life and I’m quite sure ideas of my own could never come close. Her smiles tell the rest of the story.

Many, many thanks to Pami and Papa who joined us for the birthday weekend. All of the pictures here came from Pami, yet she’s not seen in any of them (the cruel irony of picture-taking). 

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