October 2016 wrap-up

Many happenings for our little family this past month–

Asher finished his second soccer season. He loves his sport, and made impressive gains for a little guy. He scored lots of goals, made lots of friends, and he’s a genuinely good sport out there on the tiny field. 

Gramma and Poppy came for a long weekend visit. We trekked out to a pumpkin patch, took our first river cruise, finished the door project (just check out the picture, easier than me trying to explain why I’ve felt led to hang a decrepit door sideways on our wall), ate at a favorite restaurant.

Halloween happened and we took a really laid back approach. Isla and Asher picked out costumes from a store (that’s a first, and possibly a last, for us), and we placed zero restrictions or stipulations on their candy (also a first, and most definitely not a last, for us). It was fun and, again, laid back, but I’m gunning for a family costume situation for next year. I’m finally ready again. Star Wars? Game of Thrones? Trolls? So many possibilities.

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