Halloween 2017

We had a few events for Halloween this year, which worked out well since Asher just couldn’t seem to decide on 1 costume. Isla, on the other hand, chose to be Hermione Granger months ago, and Hermione Granger she was. For a good long while, Asher was saying he would be Harry Potter, but as the days grew closer, he wanted to be many, many things.

For Asher’s storybook parade at his school, he went as Bumblebee Boy. For the trunk-or-treat event on the base, he went as Harry Potter. And for the actual Halloween night trick-or-treating, he went as a ninja. Again. He did make one modification from last year’s ninja costume, though. He replaced his samurai sword with *double* samurai swords.

Next year, I’m laying down the law and we’re doing a family costume theme. I’ve said this pretty much every year since the unforgettable SpiderGirl and the 3 Human Beings family costume theme, but this time I really mean it. So we’ll see about that.

Oh yeah, the Switch Witch came to our house this year. On Halloween night, she took all the candy and left new lego sets in exchange. Isla and Asher were given a choice to leave their candy out for her or not, and I really never expected this choice. It was pretty awesome, though. I got to eat their candy in peace (and in secret, of course), and they are still playing with legos pretty much every day since Halloween.

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