The Best Things in Life are Free

Except babysitters. The best babysitters in life are not free, but they’re worth every penny. In fact, 1 of the pictures (and arguably, the best) in this post was taken by our lovely babysitter while I was out getting in my new favorite form of exercise- swimming along a reef ledge in the harbor. Ok, with that said, I can write this post with a clearer conscience.

I’m just going to document a few things we’ve been into lately- all free, all awesome. And it’s important that I note these are just a few amongst a plethora. Rainbows, for example. My photography (lack of) skills fall short when faced with a rainbow. We see rainbows almost daily, though. We’re in awe every time.

PS- I don’t understand the blue shading throughout this post. And I also don’t care enough right now to figure it out. If anyone can enlighten me, though, I am all ears.

we love you, too, Mother Nature this praying mantis was at least 4 inches long!searching out sea glass

the prettiest ocean bluea great haul for momma’s collectionhunting for crabsworld war 2 relic?

views for daysblue sea star hiding under coral rock at low tidekatydids are everywhere right nowwhile momma got some exercise…

nice to reminisce about former adventures She crushed this game! They would only let her keep 6 bouncy balls even though she caught 10 or so before the paper spatula broke.nerf gun target practice equals happy Asherlove that Fuji-inspired game board

He got a ringer right after this picture. Probably helps that they let him stand about a foot away! This man ushered Isla past the start line, typical sweetness of Japanese people to children.

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