Surfing with Keikis

Half the reason we chose the area where we live is the sandy bottom surf spot down the hill from Talofofo village. Guam’s beaches are legendary, but most all of them have reef floors…. which for an amateur, wannabe surfer like me is a big no-no. In Talofofo, however, we have a nice, soft, sandy bottom bay.

A busy day out there is 10 surfers, and there are multiple breaks ranging in size. The water isn’t as gorgeous as other spots throughout the island, since a river mouth meets the bay. The sand is dark brown- not the pristine white, or dazzling black, or pink-orange of other Guam beaches. So we’re not claiming to live near the most perfect surfing spot on this earth. However…. it’s got to be close, for our purposes. And 1 of those purposes is to get the little ones out there.

Elliot started with just pushing them on the boards around the pool, then today we took them out to the ocean and pushed them on the boards into the waves. They loved it! Which means we can work on eventually getting them paddling, dropping in, and standing. Wonder if they’ll be goofy-foot like me and their dad…

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