Winter Vacation in Japan, part 1: Hakuba

Since it’s always summer in Guam, we decided to seek out some legitimate cold weather for our first trip off the island. We travelled to the Hakuba Valley, and we got what we wanted! Tons of fresh, powdery snow. One mountain guide told me that for those days while we were there, it was actually the snowiest place on the planet. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know it was awesome.

Isla, Asher, and I have never done really anything at all in cold weather (plus mountains!), so we enrolled in ski lessons while Elliot took to the slopes on a snowboard. We fell a lot, we learned a little, and we were able to take on the beginner slopes as a family. Well. More precisely, we could all take the lift together to the top of the beginner slope. Then Elliot could hang with the little ones on the way down, while I could get down much more slowly and eventually meet up again at the bottom. We’re all pretty sure we’d do this again, so that’s a success, right?!

In between skiing, Isla and Asher missed not a single chance to make snowballs. That plus sledding, snow angels, fireplaces, ramen, and hot cocoa, and I think we’d be hard-pressed to nail down their favorite part of this leg of our trip. I know my favorite part, though. Taking off all the gear and layers and falling asleep!

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