Winter Vacation in Japan, part 2: Tokyo (day 1)

We have traveled to Tokyo before, but we haven’t actually seen Tokyo. Tokyo Disney, yes, Tokyo, no. This time around, we wanted to see the city a bit, balanced of course against the interests of our kids.

Day 1: KidZania, Tokyo Bay, dinner at Ninja Akasaka

KidZania: this is a place where you spend all your money to stand in cramped spaces and watch your kids work. Ok, ok. This is a place designed to be a city for kids. Kids do jobs of their choice, run their own bank accounts, run the city’s public services, etc. This is an exercise in patience and generosity for parents, but I think the kids liked it. Not pictured here is the magic show Asher participated in, all in Japanese!

Tokyo Bay: also not pictured, but it’s beautiful and clean and organized (my top 3 adjectives for all of Japan, I think)

Ninja Akasaka: (too enthralled with the experience to get many pictures, sorry!) ninja-themed restaurant geared at tourists. I thought this place would be super gimmicky (like an Edo Era equivalent of Medieval Times), but honestly we loved this dinner so very much. A definite highlight of our short time in Tokyo. Truly, it was gimmicky, but the food was outstanding, the atmosphere was cool, the staff went all in for the ninja theme, and we got a table-side magic show that had us all seriously amazed.

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