Winter Vacation in Japan, part 2: Tokyo (day 2)

New Years’ Day Hatsumode at Meiji, cat cafe, Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Shibuya Scramble/Crossing, Sushi, and Karaoke. If just reading that makes you tired, then you can imagine actually doing it was…. yep, tiring! But totally worth it. Especially the 10% creepy/90% cool cat cafe.

I can’t believe- given that list of stops- that I just gave a special qualification to the cat cafe. It’s true, though.

Also, I got permission from the parents for the picture of the adorable toddler with the giant rainbow cotton candy. She could barely walk, yet she was trying to give me the ubiquitous peace sign. So cute. Wait, I should say, so kawaii!

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