Winter Vacation in Japan, part 2: Tokyo (day 3)

For our last day of the trip, we took the kids to the zoo. We didn’t research the area much, just knew we’d have enough time to spend a leisurely couple of hours there before casually heading towards the airport for our evening flight back to Guam.

We were in for a treat, as the area- Ueno- was awesome. Huge public park with shrines, shopping, restaurants, the zoo, and an even-cooler-than-Shibuya street crossing (didn’t get a picture, unfortunately!).

So our easy day turned a little crazy. It looked like this- breakfast at “home,” pack, get suitcases to a locker in a huge subway station, lunch (soba noodles and cream puffs, ugh, I already miss the food!) in the same huge subway station, get to the zoo, bribe tired children with ice cream and trinkets from the ever-present vending machines, stroll around the zoo and public park, spot a multi-level toy store when we’re supposed to be heading back to retrieve suitcases, dash through the toy store making multiple impulse purchases, experience an unexpected and awesome scramble street crossing now in rush hour, frantically make way back to suitcases and barely make it on the train to the airport, bribe tired children with more ice cream and trinkets (those vending machines are so clutch), catch flight back home to Guam. Phew!

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