Winter Break

We decided months ago to stay home for the holidays. Let’s just say it’s taken awhile to recover from last summer’s international move. And we really love our home here in Texas. Lucky for us, we have relatives willing to travel many, many miles to visit us. So we got to spend our winter break … Continue reading

Isla’s Fun Run

I’ve neglected the blog for far too long! I have quite a few entries to log from the past 6 weeks or so, and I will randomly start with Isla’s Fun Run. Instead of selling wrapping paper or candy or cookies, Isla’s school hosted a fun run for their annual fundraiser. The kids asked people … Continue reading

Good Times, Big Chickens, and Some Artwork

Since Thanksgiving, we’ve just been chugging along with our daily lives. I can’t say anything extraordinary has happened, but then I scroll through my photos and realize we’ve had a good time. A visit with Santa, an evening trip to Fiesta Texas to see the holiday decorations (we skipped the water ride!), some backyard shenanigans. … Continue reading

A Christmas Tree First

Today we drove about 30 minutes outside the city to a christmas tree farm where you pick out and cut down your own tree. We’ve never done this before, and overall, it was a neat experience. We didn’t account for the mud, nor did we account for what types of trees would be growing in … Continue reading

Thanksgiving holiday with family

Over the past week and a half, we got to celebrate birthdays (my mom and Elliot’s dad), party at the elementary school, play tourists, watch movies, eat at lots of restaurants and give thanks with our first visitors in San Antonio. Life is good!                                                    

Halloween Weekend (image-heavy post)

What a great weekend!!! We started Saturday morning with a family 5k. Before the 5k, the kids got to do a trick-or-trot where they ran (well, ran-walked) a 1k loop with candy stations. Then they hopped in the stroller and chowed down on their candy while Elliot and I jogged the 5k. The race raised … Continue reading

The Chicken Whisperer

Ok. We are 5 days into chicken raising. We’ve got their coop built and hopefully protected from any possible predators. We’ve got feeding and watering them down. We can tell them apart from each other. We’ve kept them (mostly) clean in their brooder (ie, plastic storage container) while we await them becoming old enough to … Continue reading

Weeds to Some, Magic to Others

While biking home from school today, we came across a field of wild flowers that Isla and Asher couldn’t resist. Naturally, we stopped! Honestly, anytime these kids want to stop to pick flowers, I’ll try to accommodate them. It’s not just about the flowers, which of course I love. It’s also about our connection to … Continue reading

New Chicks on the Block

We drove out to a little family farm this weekend to pick up 3 little chickies, all 5 weeks old. I didn’t get many pictures at the farm, as we were all caught up in the moment. (How dare we?) But we’ve snapped a few since getting them home. After much discussion, Asher and Isla … Continue reading

Batman Asher

I (mostly) finished up Asher’s costume today. Here’s what happened when he tried it all on.